Raise The Roof

Raise the Roof Campaign

Pinecrest Camp and Conference Center is a Nazarene campground located in Fredericktown, Missouri and is owned and operated by the Missouri District for the Church of the Nazarene. It holds camps, retreats, meetings and conferences for churches, organizations,  non-profits and more. Each year hundreds of people come to know Jesus at Pinecrest. Thousands more children, youth and adults are discipled, encouraged, and allowed to worship God through Pinecrest's facilities and ministry. Each year the JCCN sends kids, teens and adults to Pinecrest for camps and retreats; and now they need our help.

The indoor pool house at Pinecrest is collapsing and a new roof is needed before it can be used. In order for Pinecrest to stay debt free, both donations and volunteer labor is needed to raise the roof on the pool house. This is where you come in. The JCCN has decided to match all contributions that we bring in up to $2,000. So if you give $50, Pinecrest will receive $100. We are hoping to send at least $4,000 to Pinecrest through your gifts and the church's matching.

So here is what you need to do.

1. Get a pledge card (located in the lobby or we will be glad to send you one)

2. Fill out the pledge card (we need to know how much you are contributing so we can match it)

3. Return your pledge card (you can drop in the offering bin or mail it to the church)

4. Fulfill your pledge by giving your donation to the church - either in the offering bins or mailing it in

(please make all checks payable to Pinecrest Camp and Conference Center)

And that is it - thank you for participating in this incredible ministry.

Want to help more? Soon we will be organizing a group to head to Pinecrest to help with the physical labor. Let Pastor know if you would be interested in helping and we will contact you when we have the details.