There are 4 ways to participate

1. Sunday Morning Worship - this is the most important way to participate as we gather for worship and opening up God's Word. You may attend in person at 10:00am Sundays or you may attend virtually on our facebook (posted at 1pm Sundays) or listen to just the sermon at (posted Sundays at 11am).

2. Daily Devotionals - participate on your own in as little as 10 minutes each day. These are specific readings for every day which correspond to the lesson and theme of the week. Even if you miss a day (or two or twelve) just start on the current day and keep moving. For a list of the daily devotionals - click here.

3. Weekly Take-home Sheet - looking for an easy way to remember what we talked about Sunday or to get yourself caught up for the next week? Each week we will have a one page sheet with all sorts of helpful information about the text and lesson for you. We will post it on facebook as well as here and email it out.

4. Small Group - there will be 1 option for small group. It will be online through zoom as well as in person at the church on Sunday nights at 6pm. We will be discussing the weekly reading as well as application of the theme into our daily lives. Need to know how to log into zoom - click here.


All Church Study     (2/21 to 3/28)